Why Add Todays VAL to Client Services?

Better decision-making

Knowing the worth of the business allows the ProAdvisor to provide more informed recommendations for financial management, bookkeeping, and tax planning, among other tasks.

Improved planning and strategy

With a clear understanding of the business value, the ProAdvisor can assist the client with creating a comprehensive financial plan and strategy for growth and success.

Enhanced credibility

Demonstrating a thorough understanding of the client's business value helps the ProAdvisor establish a level of credibility and expertise with their client.

Increased value to clients

By providing insightful and relevant advice on financial management and growth, the ProAdvisor can add significant value to the client's business, which can lead to long-term client relationships.

Overall, understanding what their client's business is worth helps Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisor’s provide more effective and valuable services to their clients.

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Todays VAL provides quick, convenient, and cost-effective valuations for businesses of any size.

Our mission is for every owner to know the value of their business! Our team has developed the first affordable business valuation software that quickly calculates what a business is worth in just a few minutes - directly from the business income statements.

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