Why Knowing The Value Of Your Business Is Important

Every entrepreneur has a different definition of success.

But one thing is certain: they’ll never achieve it without knowing the value of their business and how to grow it. 

Knowing the value of your business is important. 

If you are considering selling, borrowing against it or taking on a partner, knowing its value will make those decisions easier. 

If you are looking to invest in a company or purchase an asset, understanding the valuation will help you know whether it’s at a good price.  

With Today’$ VAL, you can, in a click of a button, find the true value of any business without any complex spreadsheets (and it integrates directly with Quickbooks!).


“Once we realized how many business owners didn’t know the value of their business, we created the first affordable business valuation software that integrates with Intuit QuickBooks and other accounting software platforms”. —Gerard J. Perillo, III / Co-Founder

Here are the benefits business owners can expect

With today’$ VAL, it simplifies the process of valuing any company while adding an additional revenue stream to your firm. 

Here’s how easy it is to use today’$ VAL:

  1. Link Your Quickbooks/Account Software Account (and import all of your data)
  2. Answer A Few Questions (using your imported data)
  3. Receive A Valuation (certified business valuation)

One of the many reasons that I love today’$ VAL is that it saves time, works with 99% of industries, helps clients sell more, and provides an additional revenue stream.  

Here’s more……

  • It has helped 100’s of accountants and professionals quickly find the value of their clients’ businesses
  • Helps business owners raise money
  • Helps business owners sell their business
  • Helps business owners recruit executives

This is a win-win for business owners and their clients. 

Here’s how you can access this innovative software today

Here’s the thing, today’$ VAL Does It All! 

In fact…

Recently, I was talking to a friend who owns his own business and he said that he didn’t know the value of his company. 

He couldn’t figure out how much it would be worth on the open market and what kind of equity someone might buy from him if they were interested.


Knowing your business’s value is important because you need to know what you’re working with when it comes time to make decisions about your future.

It will be hard for you to sell your company if you don’t know its fair market value!

This is where today’$ VAL comes in!

Do yourself and the business a favor and grab today’$ VAL today (with a 7-Day FREE Trial inside the Pro Monthly deal or for a limited-time-only get 50% off inside the Founders Plan deal).

Why? Because……

My friend gave today’$ VAL a shot and was able to determine his company’s valuation in minutes. This valuation helped him sell his business for $2,000,000.

This is why today’$ VAL is the coolest software for business owners on the market (and the only one of its kind). 

But wait there’s more…… 

One of my favorite key factors when looking at a new software is through testimonials and how it will solve a problem. 

Check out these testimonials from other business owners, individual CPAs, independent financial advisors, and large accounting firms who have, in fact, purchased and used today’$ VAL.

Jennifer, CEO, 123 Accounting, gives it 5 stars and says:

“today’$ VAL greatly increased my firm’s ability to process company valuations. We are now able to provide clients with a valuation in minutes. This created additional time and resources for my staff.”

Christopher, Freelance Financial Analyst, gives it 5 stars and says:

“Wow! Using today’$ VAL helped get my client a $5,000,000 sale! Amazing! What would have normally taken two months took ten minutes. I am extremely happy with my new tool.”

John, Business Owner, gives it 5 stars and says:

“After working with my CPA, I was able to sell my business. I was ready to shut it down, but my accountant showed me today’$ VAL and I was blown away.”

So, what does this mean for you? 

With today’$ VAL you can rapidly process your clients’ requests and increase your firm’s overall revenue. 

There are 100’s of new CPA’s & finance professionals trying today’$ VAL every week. 

Ready to, in less than 6 minutes, learn the value of your business? 

Simply get today’$ VAL now and begin growing your business with a click of a button!

This is why everyone is talking about today’$ VAL.