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January 29, 2023

Re: How to increase your CPA or Financial Services firm revenue and profits… NOW!

Dear CPA Firms, Financial Firms, And Financial Advisors, 

CPAs are the unsung heroes of business, ensuring the balance sheets of the world are accurate, trustworthy and up to date. Without the vital services of CPA firms most business owners would still be storing their financial records in shoeboxes dreading the day the IRS came knocking at their door. 

Did you know that Bubble gum was reportedly invented in 1926 by Walter Diemer, a twenty-three year old accountant for the Fleer Corporation. The gum was pink because it was the only food coloring in the factory when the young accountant was experimenting with the gum recipes in his spare time. Accountants were responsible for bringing Al Capone to justice by verifying the charges of tax evasion, ending the crime czar’s career. The FBI employs more than 2,000 accountants with jobs ranging from forensic accounting, investigative accounting to auditing. CPAs are basically superhero crime fighters with Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professionals instead of guns.

Unfortunately, most professionals like you are stuck trading time for money.

Despite the fact that the business world would likely spin off its axis without CPAs, professional accountants, and financial advisors, it would seem that no-one is going out of their way to help CPA and related firms thrive and grow. A comprehensive forensic audit, or 1:1 consulting client may pay the bills handsomely but your firm’s growth will always be limited by the hours in the day.

Your firm’s income is limited to the amount of time you and your associates can trade for your services.

The money for time arrangement makes running a financial services firm a struggle at best and crippling at worst. This leads to frustration, burnout and cash flow problems that are only solved with MORE STAFF. Any business owner can tell you that the “human factor” of employees always presents the most challenging hurdles. 

So this begs the question… How can an Entrepreneurial owner of a CPA or Financial services firm scale their company without simply trading more (non-existent) time for money???

ANSWER: Add an easy to implement, bolt-on, scalable service that generates (nearly) passive revenue for your firm.

Today’$ VAL Produces Reports In Minutes!

This scalable service may surprise you… business valuations.

As I’m sure you know, anytime a business changes hands or needs to secure funding, it is critical to obtain an accurate valuation of that business. Whether your clients like it or not, when faced with one of these situations they will be required to obtain a third party valuation of their business. 

Business valuations are nothing new for financial professionals, and have been used as an additional service by them for decades. However, doing proper business valuations used to require significant time (about 4-6 weeks), effort and required an extensive certification process that most professionals like you just don’t have time for. 

Thanks to the magic of “technologic integrations” and the all-star team at Today’$ VAL we’ve turned this once laborious, specialized service into a 6 minute process that any new grad, night school accountant can perform in their sleep. 

“Today’$ VAL” is a turn-key software that does all the heavy lifting for you, integrates directly with Quickbooks and all your favorite accounting softwares, and doesn’t require you to have any sort of certification or any expertise at all, all while adding additional passive revenue to your business.

Add an easy six-figures to your firm’s bottom line with this simple tweak.

Let me break it down for you how an average CPA or financial advisor can add an additional $5,000 – $15,000 + every single month to their bottom line using Today’$ VAL…

Let’s say you’re a CPA with a modest 100 clients on retainer. And you make an announcement to your client list using materials provided by Today’$ VAL offering an additional service of unlimited business valuations to help them make informed decisions, and that service is available for only $100-300/month. Your clients are happy to pay you because they know if they get a business valuation the traditional way, they’d spend 5-10K for only ONE valuation.

Even if only half of your clients take you up on that offer, you have just created an extra $5,000-$15,000/month in recurring revenue without any significant extra effort. Or for the retainer adverse client, business valuations can be provided a la carte for an easy 2-3K.

Although it’s extremely simple with Today’$ VAL, the vast majority of CPAs and financial advisors are not currently providing business valuation services, and when bolted on to your firm will easily and effortlessly allow you to distinguish yourself from over 92% of the competition.

No matter what type of clients your firm serves, from Bakeries to Aerospace, Today’$ VAL can work for you. The platform works with 99% of industries to help you determine the estimated Value of any business in just about 5-6 minutes.  

Business Valuations…Simplified

Getting started making money with Today’$ VAL is extremely simple and only requires a few simple steps to get up and running.

In less than 10 minutes, your firm can effortlessly provide your clients with an accurate business valuation that they are more than happy to pay you an additional monthly fee for or a generous one time fee.

Sharks in The Water

When Kevin Harrington, original Shark Tank investor and inventor of the modern day infomercial (let that sink in for a minute) first heard about Today’$ VAL, he instantly knew he had to be a part of this company. Kevin came to Today’$ VAL and pitched a partnership with US! As a serial entrepreneur, Kevin has invested in countless companies and raised hundreds of millions of dollars to help grow those companies.

In a recent interview, Kevin stated:

“One of my biggest sources of frustrations in investing in a company is securing an accurate market valuation. A proper business valuation is something that used to cost me several thousands of dollars and up to 4-6 weeks of my very valuable time. Not only has Today’$ VAL saved me significant time and money in valuing businesses so I can make investment decisions quickly, but can also help CPAs and financial advisors provide this additional income producing service. When I realized how industry disrupting this software was, I knew I had to help make this available to as many business financial advisors as possible.”

Well, needless to say we accepted Kevin’s offer, gave him a corner office (which he never uses), and made him the official spokesperson for Today’$ VAL. Simplified business valuations are not only transforming the professional lives of business tycoons like Kevin, they are also freeing CPAs just like YOU to scale your income WITHOUT TRADING TIME FOR MONEY. 

The numbers don’t lie

But don’t just take my word for it. Let me share with you a couple examples of how these top tier financial advisors are integrating Today’$ VAL into their business and making passive revenue:

CPAs love the additional income that is possible and clients love the value added service that unlock financial opportunities in as little as six minutes.

Ready To Get Started With Today’$ VAL?

Adding business valuations using Today’$ VAL to your firm’s service offerings is the simplest way to increase client satisfaction and generate extra revenue, without additional certifications, staff or hassle.

To get you started selling business valuation services today, Today’$ VAL is offering the “Financial Advisor Quick-start” package for absolutely free. 

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As a special BONUS to ensure your success with this platform, Today’$ VAL is throwing in a personalized onboarding session and walkthrough with one of our talented success coaches.


Trying Today’$ VAL is Completely Risk Free

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Don’t like the platform or one of our friendly support staff? 

Simply cancel your subscription during your free trial and keep the free report as our gift for saying “maybe”… 

SO… if you are a CPA or a business financial advisor who is ready to wow your clients and instantly bolt on an additional revenue stream, don’t delay (and disappoint Kevin). 

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