• CPAs
  • Financial Advisors
  • Business Owners
  • There are over 12 million businesses that will transfer ownership in the next 5-10 years.
  • Baby boomer business owners are retiring in record numbers, fueling a dramatic paradigm shift on Main Street.
  • IBISWorld reports that 98% of business owner’s do NOT know the value of their company.
  • Today’$ VAL is the only business valuation software that performs a business valuation in minutes!
  • Are you now more valuable to the client? ABSOLUTELY!
  • Could you earn more income providing this additional service? ABSOLUTELY!
  • If the valuation tools were simple but extremely professional, is it a no-brainer? YES!
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY!! Would your client need to engage a third party for the information? NO!
  • VAL 5.0 easily calculates an Indication of Value to provide the professional a ballpark value or range for a current or prospective clients’ business.
  • No! It is an Indication of Value that estimates what a business is worth in today’s market.

    • Business Valuation is not an exact science. It is based on judgment, experience, and relevant information. It is important to select a well-qualified professional with extensive experience in valuating all types of organizations.
    • VAL 5.0 calculates valuations for 99% of all mainstream industries!

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